Wednesday, September 09, 2015

AGC News Early September 2015 (29:39)

With Mark, Carol, and Mags. Shooting averted at the Pokemon World Championships, hacking and offensive content at DriveThruRPG. Washington moves against alleged Kickstarter fraud.

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Show links:

Screen caps of OneBookShelf CEO's statements on Twitter (via
Statement about OneBookShelf's Updated Offensive Content Policy (via OneBookShelf's official blog)
Fred Hicks' statement about the controversy at DriveThruRPG
Washington Attorney General Charges Kickstarter Fraud
Games Workshop Investor Relations web page
Press Release: Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design Streamlines the Origins Awards for 2016
Privateer Press: Free PDF Downloads of Warmachine and Hordes Rules
Nick Case's unboxing video of Exploding Kittens backer package (Youtube)
Cleveland High School's Kickstarter to record their stage production of Pathfinder's Night of Ashes
The Last Trial: A Dragonlance Musical (

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BenA718 said...

Hey guys! You don't know me, but life business (and actual gaming business) got in the way and I realized today that I've not listened to your wonderful podcast in several months!! I just downloaded a whole mess of episodes and am going to binge on my work commute for the next week or so! So glad you guys are still going strong!!