Tuesday, October 20, 2015

AGC Interview 33 (The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition) (30:52)

Mark and Mags talk with Eloy Lasanta of Third Eye Games about The Ninja Crusade Second Edition, and some Kickstarter tips (in terms of both other Kickstarters going now, and how to do one).

Download 64kbps mp3 (14.8 MB)

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Ninja Crusade Second Edition (Kickstarter)
Eloy Lasanta's YouTube Channel
The Ninja Crusade G+ Community
Pulsars Tabletop Roleplaying Game (Kickstarter)
Wild Skies: Europa Tempest (Kickstarter)
Sig: The City Between (Kickstarter)
Masks: A New Generation (Kickstarter)

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Michael Phillips said...

One additional consideration for a late in the year kickstarter is that you need to be sure you have time to spend the money you are spending by the end of the year, otherwise the KS money counts against your taxes for the next year. (If, for example, you are printing books, you need to be able to get material ready so you can send it and get billed before Jan 1, or you get to pay taxes on money that should be going to production costs. Also, if you are paying writers, editors, artists, etc, you want to have time to pay both their initial fee and their on completion fee before the year ends, which means they need time to actually get the writing, art, layout, what have you done. Another terrible one is getting taxed for shipping costs because you haven't shipped yet.(You only have to declare that sort of thing if you haven't spent it yet. Otherwise it is a business expense.)
A Kickstarter that ends in early January or later is good because it maximizes the time you have to actually meet your business expenses before you get more of that money sucked down the tax hole.