Wednesday, July 20, 2016

AGC 203 February 16th 2016 (Free State of Potpourri) (1:00:44)

With Mark Kinney and Mags. Our condolences to the family of Steve Russell of Rite Publishing. Holy cow, is that Mark? Work dominates our lives, which is why Carol is MIA. We missed the anniversary show--maybe Anniversary Episode 1.5? Hypericon, where Mark doesn't get in enough gaming. Video podcast ambitions. The Sheriff of Nottingham game. Mark's Free RPG Day at the Game Keep in Nashville (since it isn't a thing in Louisville anymore). Mags plans to improvise her way through the next episode of GURPS Transhuman Space. If you're a gamer in Idaho Falls, ID, contact Mags so you can meet a Buffet Alumnus! A brief discussion of gaming by the seat of your pants, and Mags getting new windows. Play Dirty and Play Dirty 2. Mark gets sucked into Pokemon Go and contrasts it with Ingress. Oddball and inappropriate Poke-stops. Mags draws the line at catching Pokemon while your wife is in labor, but Mark points out that the game is helping some folks with anxiety and depression. DriveThruRPG Picks (affiliate links!). Our condolences once again to the loved ones of Steve Russell, and please consider supporting Rite Publishing at this difficult time, or donating to the GoFundMe set up by his sister. Mags reviews Million Dollars, But.... Card Game from Rooster Teeth. Mark talks a bit about Super Fight! New AGC email address! Mags also gives a quick review of the dice and counter rings from CritSuccess. A look at the 2016 Diana Jones Short List and the 2016 ENnie Nominees.

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Show links
Hypericon web site
The Sheriff of Nottingham board game (link goes to Amazon)
The Game Keep, Nashville, TN
Play Dirty (15th Anniversary Edition) by John Wick
Play Dirty 2 by John Wick
Westboro Baptist Church recruits Jigglypuff, a Pokémon, against LGBT community on Pokémon Go
Louis Park Pays Pokemon While Fighting Isis
Pokémon Go: Man plays hit game while his wife gives birth
Pokémon Go: How the game is helping players tackle anxiety and depression
GoFundMe: Steve Russell Memorial Fund
Million Dollars But...(Rooster Teeth)
SuperFight! Game
CritSuccess: Makers of Dice and Counter Rings
Evil Dead 2: the Board Game Kickstarter Campaign (Space Goat Productions)
2016 Diana Jones Short List
Geek Dad Review: Fall of Magic
Order Fall of Magic here
Russian medieval reenactor takes out drone with spear throw (UPI)
2016 ENnie Award Nominees and Spotlight Winners
You can vote for the ENnie Nominees here until July 21st.
Adventure Scents

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AGC's DriveThruRPG Picks for this episode!
Please consider purchasing from Rite Publishing(not an Affiliate Link) during this difficult time.
Mags: Lords of Gossamer and Shadow (Rite Publishing)(Affiliate Link)
Mark: The Black Hack (Gold Piece Pubishing)(Affiliate Link)

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