Friday, July 08, 2005

AGC 5 July 9 2005 (The 2005 Origins Awards) (74:58)

All Games Considered July 9 2005 (74:58)

A longer show than usual. Welcome all our iTunes listeners! Listener emails. Site of the Fortnight: A higher resolution file in our future? The Origins Awards in depth discussion. Might have to add Dawn of the Rising Sun and Ticket to Ride to my future purchase list. A little banter about the name and ad copy for Attack Vector: Tactical. Vs. Vs. Seven Masters. John Wick pwned Just Mike, who worries about ninjas appearing in his mailbox. Chris hates Hex Hex. Mark pushes a little too hard for Pyramid. Wind up board games. Pirates of the Spanish Main. Chris wants to burn clicky games, and wonders about games with Nazis. We look at a few conventions in the near future, and generally banter about good and bad con experiences. Looking forward to doing a ConGlomeration podcasting seminar.

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Show links
Games For GIs

The Origins Awards
Fall of Rome
Sword of Rome
Brigade Games (WWI Western Front 28mm)
Dawn of the Rising Sun
Ticket To Ride
Attack Vector: Tactical
AAGAD Elmore Dragons page
Seven Masters Vs The Netherworld
Cthulhu 500
Ars Magica
Path of the Bold
Cardboard Heroes Castles
All Wound Up
Flames of War
Fire As She Bears!
Pirates of the Spanish Main

GenCon General Site
Festival of Games

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