Thursday, July 21, 2005

AGC 6 July 23 2005 (Gamer Listings and Distribution Models) (57:50)

Now in higher quality! Site of the Fortnight: Geek Fu Action Grip! Prime Directive. EMails. The pitfalls of gamer listings. Meeting other gamers online. Games for GIs again. White Wolf's moments of madness. Chris remembers the email address. Hybrid System Games' Equat10n, and their distribution model. Is it workable? Greg Stolze's Ransom model. Owing Ad Astra an apology buy for last week. Meatbot Massacre, and now In Space. Another plug for ConGlomeration and my podcasting panel. Bowling Green's impact on gaming. Going to GenCon after all, Friday only. Ribbing Star Wars Galaxies (no Wookie love, please, thank you). Show branded T-shirts? Underwear? No Nazis in this episode, but maybe the next.

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Show links
Geek Fu Action Grip
Games For GIs
History of Palladium Games
RPG.Net Forums
Kenzer and Company Forums
Louisville Gaming Society Forums
White Wolf Game Studio
The Camarilla
One World By Night
Hybrid System Games/Equat10n
Meatbot Massacre
More on the Ransom Model of Marketing (Greg Stolze)
GenCon General Site

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