Thursday, August 04, 2005

AGC 7 August 6 2005 (Assorted Items) (57:11)

Now on The Sci Fi Podcast Network! Expecting more info from Hybrid System Games. Mark hopes to do interviews at GenCon. Risk 2210 AD and Warmachine. Mark forgets this isn't video. Fell Calls, an Iron Kingdom/Warmachine podcast. Email from Norway! Alarums and Excursions is 30. Green Ronin writing opportunities. Christian games? Magic 9th Edition. A Zombie TSFPN tag. An unnamed segment about free gaming -- send us ideas for a name. Netbooks, such as they are. Stargate SG-1 First Steps and Nazis (see, we got to it eventually). Wizards? Mark's revenge! Cheese Weasels and Garden Weasels and other garden implements. Hey! I Can Use That!: Negativland's Time Zones Exchange Project. An aside into U2. Gaming humor as a future subject. Knights of the Dinner Table have a podcast. One last shill for TSFPN.

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