Sunday, August 28, 2005

AGC 9 (GenCon 2005 Special) (59:30)

With Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, and "Just Mike," talking about Gen Con Indy 2005. Mike got a "shaftload" of new cards? The Wick Ninja. Mark's game scheduling error, and other observations about being a podcaster at GenCon. Mike's Greyhound adventure. Rob Van Dam as a GenCon guest. Chris Engle of Hamster Press talks about his new game formats. Digest size hardcovers look like childrens' books? Primetime Adventures and The Mountain Witch. Matt Snyder discusses the Forge. Mike talks Legend of the Five Rings. Does AEG have anything else? Thirty and Octane. Insulting the New York press. John Wick and Jared Sorensen interview. The Secret. Mike reminisces on 7th Sea. Mike talks about Hecatomb. Redemption gets dragged into it. WWE Know Your Role, and brief wrestling talk. Street Fighter comes up again. Fighting over Shatner. Kung Fu Fighting. Paranoia card game. Ticket to Ride. We're clueless in German pronunciation. Mark succumbs and buys into Warmachine. Hybrid System Games and Equat10n. Interview with Justin Howe. Our forum fun. Making a convention calendar.

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Show links
Hamster Press
The Forge
Dog-Eared Designs (Primetime Adventures)
Timfire Publishing (The Mountain Witch)
Chimera Creative (Matt Snyder)
Alderac Entertainment Group (Legend of the Five Rings)
Wicked Dead Brewing Company
Jared A. Sorensen (Octane)
Comic Images (WWE Know Your Role)
Slugfest Games (Kung Fu Fighting)
Mongoose Publishing (Paranoia Mandatory Card Game)
Days of Wonder (Ticket to Ride)
Hybrid System Games/Equat10n
TSFPN Forums
All Games Considered Subforum

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