Tuesday, February 21, 2006

AGC 21 February 20 2006 (World Championship Dodgeball) (32:00)

With Mark Kinney. A short show, due to technical difficulties with the GMing show, which will be redone in the near future -- but hopefully not just filler! GURPS 4th edition worldbooks to go on e23. Rick Loomis runs for Scottsdale City Council. Games You May Never Have Heard Of: Mechanioids! A review of World Championship Dodgeball. First Strike At Collectible Games: Race Day! Watch out for "I Wish I Had This Show In Real Life" and "Inner Kingdom Radio."

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Show links
Rick Loomis, Politician!
Palladium Books (Mechanoids)
World Championship Dodgeball (Goodman Games)
Race Day (WizKids) (Ben Balestra) (Ask A Gamer)

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