Thursday, March 02, 2006

AGC 22 March 4 2006 (Conventions) (51:47)

With Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, and Carol. We ramble rather a lot this time. Updates on past things. Chris is still playing WOW the RPG. A glance at our Serenity campaign. Carol compares and contrasts convention and campaign gaming. Games You May Never Have Heard Of: Fuzzy Heroes! Plus some convention talk. A Dragonfist correction. Big convention survival. The BashCon Blurb. Con terminology?

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The Vintage Gamer
Domain of Apokolipz
Fuzzy Heroes
Dragonfist on Amazon
Keeper of Ancient GenCon Lore (Ben Balestra) (Ask A Gamer)


Alien Truther said...

I have heard of the game feature in Games You've Never Heard Of - and I agree it would be a great one to use to keep kids entertained at a con.

I have one that I have used at cons that never fails to attract kids and adults alike, and is fun for everybody - Clay-O-Rama. I would highly recommend it for this segment if you guys haven't already done it. Great show!

Mark Kinney said...

I think I've heard of that one before... wasn't that featured in Dragon magazine once, or am I thinking of something else? I'll mention it to Ben if he doesn't catch it here first.

Oh, and I'd thought your name was familiar, so I checked, and yes it was. I've been reading Today in Alternate History for a while now, and was going to mention it at some point, either as a Site of the Fortnight or in a Hey, I Can Use That. Cool blog!

Thanks, and I'm glad you like the show.


Alien Truther said...

My spelling mojo failed me on that comment - I meant to say "featured" in addition to the correct name of the segment.

Clay-O-Rama, (at least as far as I know), was originally from a couple of old Dragon articles. My wife did more research than I did into it, and would probably know - I'll have to ask her.

I've been listening to you guys for a couple months now, and I really like the show - but now that I know you read TIAH, I'm even more of a fan :)