Thursday, May 11, 2006

AGC 27 Part 1 May 13 2006 (Gamebooks) (58:55)

With Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, Carol, and Ben Balestra. First Anniversary show part one -- the serious stuff. A free Godsend Agenda adventure, and an Ohio State University study on gamers. Carol reviews Dark Ages Fae. Discussion of White Wolf's treatment of Fae games. Palladium Open House Blurb and an interview with Kevin Siembieda. Gamebooks, Choose Your Own Adventure style first. Find Your Fate, Dragontales, Endless Quest, Amazing Stories. Super Endless Quest. A shoutout from Hypericon, and a reminder of our Convention Calendar. We're not making MarCon this year, but we're figuring other conventions in. Car Wars, Lone Wolf. Chris drops a wrestling pun, followed by a food pun from Ben. Lost Worlds books. Ben got into After Serenity. Some Lone Wolf books available online for free. Fighting Fantasy, Warlock of Firetop Mountain's various incarnations. Steve Jackson's Sorcery! Combat Command. The secret of Gary Jackson.

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