Saturday, May 13, 2006

AGC 27 Part 2 May 13 2006 (Feedback and Bloopers) (67:46)

With Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, Carol, and Ben Balestra. First anniversary show part two -- we get silly. A shoutout from Fistfull of Comics (and Games). We don't suck so much anymore. Mark remembers pictures from the Palladium Open House going into the AGC Photos thing. Remembering first experiences. Bloopers! Riffing at a former co-host. Editing secrets and behind the scenes stuff. Mark's secret, and a firm (in fun) word for Domain of Apokolipz. Carol's laughter. The effectiveness of dice as weapons. Kentucky's illicit products. Business cards, magnets, and stickers, oh my! Mark's grasp of geography, and old days at Pub Quiz. Our high-tech All Games Considered studio. Email from Rust. Odeos! Military games as a future topic. Bandying about a few ideas. Mick Bradley's series of Odeos. TWIT talk, and Chris as Dvorak. Chris gets no podcasts. Sam Chupp's questions from the forum, which we'd meant to do on the New Years Show. Chris seems to like Deadlands. Tales of the Stealth Die. Over 100 on the frappr map!

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