Friday, August 04, 2006

AGC 33 August 5 2006 (Big Damn Review Show III) (49:03)

With Mark Kinney and Chris Heim. Carol absent due to personal emergency. Guadians of Order officially out of business, and Equat10n looking at it's future. Games You May Never Have Heard Of: Splicers RPG! Gaming For Cheap Bastards: The Window! Mark makes a hash of reviewing the Paranoia Mandatory Bonus Fun Card Game. It's not a tuber! GenCon things coming up. Mark is taking a sabbatical, but leaves the show in Carol and Chris' capable hands.

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Guardians of Order
Equat10n (Hybrid System Games)
Palladium Books (Splicers RPG)
The Window
Paranoia Mandatory Bonus Fun Card Game (Mongoose Publishing)
GenCon Almost Live

Fistfull of Comics (and Games)
GenCon Almost Live

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