Thursday, August 31, 2006

AGC 35 September 2 2006 (Convention Wrap Up Part 2) (69:57)

With Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, and Carol. Carol's Back! Changeling coming in 2007. Fantasy Flight Games is hiring. True 20 licensing available. How do we pronounce Ronin? A changeup from News to "Show and Tell." Mark gets forgetful. Ben's GenCon Blurb. Carol talks about ConGlomeration 2006. Interview: Mark Anticole from Eye Level Entertainment. Carol starts on a review of OWoD Changeling. Gaming For Cheap Bastards: You too can playtest Future Shadows! Wisdom of the Gamers: Home blueprints! Chris hears about Kobolds Ate My Baby. A new "Breaking Into The Industry" segment in the making, and opening up "Tales From the Dread Gazebo" for gamer war stories. Shaken Not Stirred. Plugging I Wish I Had This Show In Real Life again.

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Changeling (White Wolf)
Fantasy Flight Employment Opportunities
True 20 Licensing (Green Ronin)
Harry Turtledove
Omar and Sheila Rayyan
Ben Bova
Dan Dos Santos
Nature of the Beast
Future Shadows
Cool House Plans
The Plan Collection

Pulp Gamer
Does My Geek Look Big In This?

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