Monday, September 18, 2006

AAC 36 September 17 2006 (Strangeness and Superheros) (58:27)

All Apokolipz Considered, with Ty McGowen and Kris McCuller. Jess is gone this week (go figure). We babble on for a while about newsy type stuff and babble some more about things that just dont matter. Kris wants a cookie throughout the show and now claims he "Gets No Podcasts" (Dvorak wannabe). Ty talks about the broken fridge that we now apparently put "Stuff" into. We both complain that something just doesnt seem right about anything today! Gaming For Cheap Bastards: Marvel RPG now free. Games You May Never Have Heard Of: Junk RPG. We talk a lot of superhero roleplaying games and a little bit about the types of systems used (we dont go into great detail). We hope you liked our edition of All Apokolipz Considered. Kris and Ty Thank you for your time!

(Look for Carol, Mark, and Chris later this week on Gamer: The Podcasting!)

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Seth Ben-Ezra said...

You did indeed mispronounce my name, but I forgive you. I haven't really given any thought to Junk for *years*. Thanks for this trip down memory lane.

IMHO, one of the best ways to play Junk is with a tableful of players, broken into teams, each player controlling one 'Can. That's how I did most of my demos, and it worked rather well.

Now that I've had exposure to the Eurogames coming from across the pond, I sometimes look sideways at Junk and think, "How would I design that game now?" Like all creative work, I look back at it, with my current experiences, and see all sorts of things that I would change. But, we move forward.

Mark Kinney said...

Hey! Great to hear from you!

I'm going to go ahead and mention this on the show coming up, if that's alright. I do know that several people's curiousity was piqued by the segment on Junk.

(And if you wanted to mention the proper pronunciation, just to be sure...)

Seth Ben-Ezra said...

Sure, go right ahead. And the pronounciation is "Ben Ehz ra". Ben like "Benjamin" and "Ezra" like "Better Than Ezra".

And Junk plays great at cons. My favorite setup was six players, divided into two teams. Give them pregen Cans and duke it out. That's how I ran most of my demos, and it worked pretty well. The "handfuls of dice" system also tends to raise the excitement level, as you're never quite sure what's going to happen next.

Probably my favorite demo moment was when one of the players realized that he didn't have to abide by the "Get Up and Go" limit on movement. Suddenly he dumped around 15 points of energy into movement and sprinted across the board. Almost ripped the legs off his Can, but that's his choice, isn't it?