Saturday, March 17, 2007

AGC 47 March 17 2007 (Miniatures) (1:12:50)

With Mark Kinney and Carol. Chris still not with us. Mark miscounted episode numbers at some point, so yes, that number is correct. The Gamer Traveler podcast. Will Tribe 8 appear on the Rolemonkeys? Carol's one-shot woes. Star Wars Saga Edition talk. Worm Quartet CD liner notes. Games You May Never Have Heard Of: Age of Discovery! Miniatures gaming, and notable minis games. Little Wars. Chainmail, and the wargamer/roleplayer tension. Warhammer. BattleSystem. De Bellis Antiquitatis. De Bellis Multitudinis, Hordes of the Things, De Bellis Renationis. Mage Knight. An aside into prepainted plastic minis. Warmachine/Hordes. Naval games at some point? Wisdom of the Gamers: My Mini Miniatures Experience! Minis in roleplaying. Review: Battleground Fantasy Warfare! The fair noise of opening and closing card boxes. Feedback on Tribe 8 and the former Pimp My Character. Renaming the Pimping segment. Contest updates. The Over The Edge show plan. And announcing the AGC Gaming Tourney to go alongside another somewhat well known March tournament.

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Show links
The Gamer Traveler Podcast
Worm Quartet
Mayfair Games (Age of Discovery)
The Miniatures Page
Little Wars (Gutenberg Project)
Little Wars (Skirmisher Publishing)
Floor Games (Gutenberg Project)
Chainmail (Wikipedia)
Chainmail (Board Game Geek)
Savage Worlds (Great White Games)
Games Workshop (Warhammer/Warhammer 40k)
De Bellis Antiquitatis
Unofficial Guide to DBA
De Bellis Multitudinis
Hordes of the Things
Mage Knight (WizKids)
Warmachine (Privateer Press)
Battleground: Fantasy Warfare (Your Move Games)

Green Ring Ethos
GODSEND Agenda (Khepera Publishing)
Villain Talk
Accidental Survivors
I Wish I Had This Show In Real Life

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Anonymous said...

So, what's wrong with hold up or pointing at a picture for an NPC? I find that any and all props are a welcome addition at my gaming table. They help to focus the players and come in real handy when the characters are doing something like listening in on an NPC to NPC conversation. In a similar manner, when there are minis on the table it is common practice to touch the top of a mini when performing actions and speaking. Think of it as the table top version of the speaking stick. :-)

OlmanFeelyus said...

Savage Worlds versus Over the Edge! Brutal choice to have to make!