Saturday, March 31, 2007

AGC 48 March 31 2007 (Humor) (1:00:42)

With Mark Kinney and Carol. Chris... well, you'll see. Chris promises a special segment at some future point. Talking about Extra 6. Ben wants questions from listeners for a possible Palladium Open House Extra. Monte Cook's World of Darkness verifies to be d20. Shall we try the upcoming GMing Show on Talkshoe? Freeform discussion of humor in gaming. Systems: Toon. Paranoia. Tales From The Floating Vagabond. Board and card games. Let's Kill. Kill Puppies For Satan. Clay-O-Rama. Pokethulhu. Stuper Powers. Mood and your group. Retelling the Great Serenity Mess Hall Incident. Balancing humor and seriousness. Mark talks about a friend's Farce Campaign. Munchkin d20. In Jokes. Material about gaming, like Murphy's Rules, Dork Tower, and Knights of the Dinner Table. Mario from Geek Corps Radio wins the Godsend Agenda prize. Twitter. Email. We need a name for the women gamer podcast Carol is working up. Advertising thoughts.

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Show links
Monte Cook's World of Darkness thread (Sean K. Reynolds Forums)
Handmade Soaps For Gamers
Toon (Steve Jackson Games)
Paranoia (Mongoose Publishing)
Let's Kill (Atlas Games)
Kill Puppies For Satan (Lumpley Games)
Pokethulhu (Cumberland Games)
Stuper Powers (Evil Twin Comics)
Munchkin d20 (Steve Jackson Games)
Murphy's Rules (Steve Jackson Games)
Dork Tower
Knights of the Dinner Table (Kenzer and Company)

The Rolemonkeys
Dice! Camera! Action!
Accidental Survivors

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