Tuesday, January 22, 2008

AGC 71 January 22 2008 (OGL and Dead Man On Campus) (45:26)

(We had intended to have Mick Bradley do a review of Colonial Gothic, but that didn't end up happening. Apologies for that.)

With Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, and Clay Karwan. Goodbye Bobby Fischer. We're bleeding for the Dresden Files. A look at the AGC Review Queue. The 4th Edition "Open" Game License, and other open gaming musing. Chris reviews Dead Man on Campus, following a segue that makes Mark cringe. Cheap Bastard segment suggestions. Another superhero episode? Gunslinger, a new Doctor Who RPG, and asking about Midnight. A website revamp (and donate buttons for those so inclined). Convention talk.

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Colonial Gothic (Rogue Games)
Hamster Press (Dead Man on Campus)
Star Frontiers
Roll 2d6
Gunslinger (Board Game Geek)
Cubicle 7 (Upcoming Doctor Who RPG)
Midnight (Fantasy Flight Games)
UKon Info (AGC Forum)

Fortress Draconis
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Theory From The Closet

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Anonymous said...

that's kewl ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. Cool!

I do now have the intermediate level games in boxed form now. I'm pretty pleased with them. I am in the process of changing web pages though. We will be at in a month or so.

All the games are available in PDF form at RPGnow so if you are a do it yourselfer (or a cheap bastard) you can get them there. On Monday I put up the first of this year's offerrings: "Frankenstein" another beginner EMG.

I will be at GenCon and would love to sit down with you guys to talk Matrix Gaming. We are right now at the 20 year anniversary of their creation. It was right this time of year that I was just out of grad school visiting a friends in Bloomington Indiana when got talking about how to role-play whole countries. A lot's happened since then.

Chris Engle
Hamster Press = Engle Matrix Games

Ken Newquist said...

I think Chris had a valid argument about Deadlands: Reloaded when the core rules were being sold for $20+ (though including the rules wold probably have pushed the book in $40+ price range of Pirates of the Spanish Main and Solomon Kane).

That said, the core rules are now a mere $10 and have almost everything the old hardcover had, which is a steal (I've got a review up of the edition here). If you're a Savage Worlds fan (or just want to try and get your players to check it out) the price point makes it easy to buy multiple copies to share amongst the group. Plus, it's makes a supplemental rule book when you're running something like Pirates.

[end of savage worlds shill]