Thursday, June 19, 2008

AGC 80 June 21 2008 (Alpha Omega) (49:09)

With Mark Kinney and Chris Pipinou. Mark's memory is going out. Corrections. Heroic Journey Publishing. Free RPG Day is the 21st! Conventions. 4th Edition. Alpha Omega: 80s crunch with 2000s streamlining. A quick email, and a glance at Hastings: 1066 (to be covered in more detail in a future episode).

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
Earl from Mind Storm Labs... Dave, Tom and I wanted to extend a big thanks for such a thorough review of Alpha Omega! We really appreciate it.

We wanted to give you a quick update on things. Milk Run is now available at It is a free 70 page intro adventure and our second free adventure, The Larsa Meteor is on the way. Our creature manual, The Encountered is nearing completion and we will be unveiling sample pages at GenCon Indy this summer. We are also running a Community Contribution Contest. We will be choosing five creatures created by the player community for inclusion as official creatures of the Alpha Omega World. Our equipment manual will follow.

The New World Science and Engineering Commission has been taken from the pages of the Core Manual and brought online at It includes a wiki we call the Collaborative Workspace, which is designed to allow community members to create and share their own creatures and equipment for Alpha Omega. You can check it out at

We are also planning something special for fans of the Ethan Haas Was Right ARG... The Journal of Ethan Haas.

Thanks again guys!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the Mention, I wanted to let you and your listeners know that Heroic Journey Publishing Website is down but not gone.. I was changing hosts and some how in the transfer everything got screwed up... So Now No Site... But will return as soona s I can get my Old Host to get off their butts and get oer the fact Im switching to a new host.

Ken Newquist said...

I finally got to listen to this show (better late than never eh?) Thanks for the in-depth review; Alpha Omega is a game I've been looking forward to checking out.

Unfortunately I wasn't at GenCon this year, so I didn't have a chance to see it in person, but the production values have me intrigued. The web site and all of the inside page shots I've seen look fantastic. Plus, I've always wanted to run a post-apocalyptic game (not sure if this is the one, but if nothing else it looks like it would be a great read).

Mark Kinney said...

Oh, without a doubt, it's a beautiful, beautiful book, and very well organized (my surprise at the lack of page numbers was genuine -- the case structure and the pageside highlights work great). Lots of cool ideas, too.