Tuesday, June 10, 2008

REPOST: AGC 79 June 9 2008 (Transitions and Demon Hunters) (44:54)

With Mark Kinney and Ben Balestra. Changes coming due to Palladium fallout. Erick Wujcik passes away. Polymancer Studios seeks writers for a new RPG System. New Magic set format. Mark looks at the Demon Hunters RPG (with an aside about the Book of Unremitting Horror, and an aside on RPG books costs). A continuation of Ben's BashCon interview series, his upcoming Extras, and his events at GenCon (oh, yeah, Fourth Edition released over the weekend, too). Mark's new fiction podcast. HyperiCon plan weirdness.

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Polymancer Studios
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The Gamers: Dorkness Rising
Dead Gentlemen Productions
Margaret Weis Productions (Demon Hunters RPG)
Book of Unremitting Horror (Pelgrane Press)
Sen So (Twin Blade Games)
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Tony Steele
Reaper Miniatures
Mark Kinney Audio Fiction

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Don Early said...

Hey guys. Thanks for the review. I had a small correction for the Demon Hunters RPG. Tree IS actually statted out.

Page 164.

Thanks again and we hope you all enjoy it. We had a blast making it, and we hope you have a blast playing and reading it.

This game is essentially the start of our "do-over" for Demon Hunters. We got a great chance to reset the canon of the world. Some character's you'll note from the original films have been recast. We're available for feedback and questions at: