Tuesday, August 12, 2008

AGC 84 August 12 2008 (Reviews and Looking Forward to GenCon) (1:11:54)

With Mark Kinney, Carol, and Chris Pipinou. All back in studio at last! But what about the blender? Alcohol stories. What the crew has been up to. The Shocking Review is in: Robotech Shadow Chronicles (which Mark and Chris both talk about)! Carol talks about Eldritch. A disturbing amount of talk about Gnomes takes place. Mark interviews one of the creators, Dan Cross. GenCon talk, Twitter, and Gmail's brief fall. Mark, the Matrix Game Pimp. Good night, folks!

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Show links
Robotech: Shadow Chronicles RPG (Palladium Books)
Goodman Games Product Page (Eldritch, Points of Light, PC Pearls)
Another Eldritch Site
Extraordinary Book of Names (Troll Lord Games)
Hellas (Khepera Publishing)
Trail of Cthulhu (Pelgrane Press)
I Drank What? (Empire Games)

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
Basics of the Game
Murder at Avedon Hill

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