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AGC 85 August 30 2008 (GenCon and More) (1:14:12)

With Mark Kinney, Carol, Ben Balestra, and the RPG Buffet. Polymancer is launching Paladin, a fantasy gaming magazine. Mark gushes about GenCon and some of his finds there. Carol sends in an interview with Andrew Peregrine from Cubicle 7 about Victoriana (apologies for the sound quality on that one), and Mark brings an interview with Mark Purvis and Andy Smith, brand managers of Magic: The Gathering about the upcoming Shards of Alara and a few other upcoming things. Ben sends his views on GenCon, and we continue catching up with the RPG Buffet and their look at the Marvel Universe RPG. Mark looks inside the box of the upcoming Formula D! The show's direction with the forthcoming GenCon material.

From Mags:
One important addendum that our GM, John, forgot to mention when we recorded the segment:

A big feature of the Marvel Universe system that's stressed in the rules is that it can be played without a GM. A pair of players or even two teams can simply create characters and have a combat without the need for a GM to direct activities. So if players are simply looking for a combat session and not a full storyline with plot and character development, MURG gives them that option.


The RPG Buffet had it's annual cookout this month, and Kae--who is not only learning to GM, but learning to cook--came up with a tasty fruit salad recipe for our dessert:



* 3 oranges
* 2 key limes
* 1 pint of strawberries
* 2 bananas

Peel and chop the oranges and limes, and wash and cap the strawberries. Toss together in a bowl and chill for at least an hour. Just before serving, peel and slice the bananas and toss with the rest of the fruit.

Optional Glaze: Mix 1/4 cup of water or orange juice with 1 tablespoon of honey. After adding the bananas, pour over fruit and toss gently.

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