Friday, September 12, 2008

AGC 86 September 13 2008 (More GenCon and Railroading) (1:14:08)

With Mark Kinney, Carol, Chris Pipinou, and Mags. Carol and Mags talk about their GenCon experiences. Fantasy Flight price increases, and game prices in general. Embassy Suites, the stealth hotel! Carol's R. A. Salvatore story. A look at Goodman Games' Character Codex and DM Campaign Record. RPGLife! Another Chris leaves the show, but we have a new host already! GM Railroading. Mark interviews Scott Rouse, Sara Girard, and Randy Bueller about Dungeons and Dragons, D&D Insider, and Living Forgotten Realms. Trail of Cthulhu in the final thoughts (Mark got Mutant City Blues instead). The new Baron Munchausen game. Upcoming Secret Life topics.

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Show links
Fantasy Flight Games Price Changes
DM's Campaign Record (Goodman Games)
Character Codex (Goodman Games)
Character Codex pdf on RPGNow (Goodman Games)
RPG Life
Pip's Email
RPG Theory Blog defines Railroading
TV Tropes Wiki entry on GM Railroading
Gnome Stew's essay "In Defense of Railroading"
(Also see their "Five Mistakes of the New GM")'s "The Iron Fist and Abused GM Syndrome"
D&D Insider
Secret Life of Girl Gamers

This Modern Death
Canon Puncture
Yog Radio

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