Thursday, October 15, 2009

AGC News October 15th 2009 (19:48)

With Mark, Mags, and Carol. Scott Rouse leaving Wizards of the Coast. An advance look at the Games 100 list. Goodman Games 3E "Stimulus Package." Chrysalis Revolt, a free game from Happy Bishop! Arcane Legions. voting is open for the Windhammer Prize. Mark's observation about Q-Workshop's efforts in conjunction with game companies. Skirmisher Press launches the Mythos Society. From the makers of 1960: Making of the President, the chance to relive the 2008 election as well!

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Scott Rouse leaves Wizards of the Coast (EN World)
Games Magazine
Games 100 List (
Goodman Games Tradein Offer
Happy Bishop Games (The Chrysalis Revolt 2709 - 2710)
Arcane Legions (Wells Expeditions)
Windhammer Prize
Mythos Society (Skirmisher Press)
Campaign Manager 2008 (Z-Man Games)

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