Saturday, November 21, 2009

AGC Feedback November 21 2009 (14:21)

Recorded November 10th, 2009. Mark and Mags cover feedback, including: Pirate vs Pirate coming in the near future, the Fringeworthy podcast, chunks, Old School gaming, swine flu, and the Stars being Right.

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Canon Puncture
Swing and a Miss

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Bruce Sheffer said...

How amusing. We just did a pirate episode for Fringeworthy. It will be out in a few weeks (we've got few in the can already).

Fringeworthy has "fringe pirates" who are groups of marauders who plunder exploration teams and worlds through the portals. Think deathrace 2000.

Also, the worlds connected to the fringe portal system are primarily alternate earths and many are set in historically earlier time periods. There are many opportunities to interact with pirates of all ilk.