Tuesday, April 13, 2010

AGC 127 April 13th 2010 (Greg Poehlein and Origins Awards) (45:43)

With Mark Kinney, Carol, Mags, and Greg Poehlein. Glad to be back at ConGlom (and to have more audience!). A few special guests in the audience. Greg Poehlein's gaming history, from Metagaming and FASA's Star Trek to Microtactix! Questions on game design. The Origins Awards -- or as many as we could fit into the remainder of the one-hour panel, with our picks! A suprise moment.

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Origins Nominees (Tabletop Gaming News)
Origins Game Fair

The Gutter Skypes


Scott said...

This was a fantastic show and Greg was a terrific guest! Please have him back!!!

I'm a 40-year year old gamer who grew up playing a lot of the stuff Greg talked about (Fantasy Trip, Trek, Doctor Who, etc.)! I may well have chatted with him at the FASA booth at GenCon in the early/mid 80s!

Great stuff and a wonderful show, thank you so much!

Scott said...

Oh, and of course, congratulations Carol!!! Well done Steve!

AGC Mags said...

Greg's a fantastic interview and I certainly am going to do my best to get him back on the show. Right now he's got a pretty punishing work schedule (I'm surprised that he made it to the con, really) but if we can work it out then we will!

Anonymous said...

To bad Greg did not say what he is working on, the MicroTactix website has been in "NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON!"-mode for several years now...