Friday, October 08, 2010

AGC News October 8th 2010 (19:05)

With Mark and Mags. AEG has a Legend of the Five Rings contest! Paizo bringing on coordinators for the Pathfinder Society! A new Marvel RPG! Powerchords is funded! Iron GM at NeonCon! International Gamer Awards for 2010! Small World expansions! Dungeons and Dragons ad on Hulu!

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Show links
L5R Imperial Histories Contest (Alderac Entertainment Group)
Pathfinder Society (Paizo Publishing)
That Marvel Reference (Bleeding Cool)
Powerchords (Kickstarter)
Iron GM
Small World: Be Not Afraid (Days of Wonder)
Small World: Necromancer Island (Days of Wonder)
Dungeons and Dragons Hulu Ad (YouTube)


Tyler said...

A Marvel RPG by Hasbro? I have this premonition of a line of tie-in RPGs on the model of the new Gamma World box set.

Josh Burnett said...

From my (unfortunate) tenure in the Walmart toy department, I've come to realize what Hasbro calls "Roleplaying" products, is actually things like Ironman masks, toy weapons, and other costumey things--toys little kids can use to play the role of superheroes. Sadly, it doesn't necessarily mean Marvel Roleplaying Games.