Saturday, October 30, 2010

Games You May Never Have Heard Of 3 (Cosmic Encounter and Complete Disclosure) (12:22)

With Ben Balestra. Cosmic Encounter, the game that wouldn't die. Also, a word on games received free for review.

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Cosmic Encounter (Wikipedia)
Cosmic Encounter (Fantasy Flight Games)

The Tome

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Ogma said...

I have CERTAINLY heard of 'Cosmic Encounter' in all its many forms since its original release in the 70s. Kinda' surprised Ben considers it to be a "Game You May Never Have Heard Of"...

Also amused that he pluralized the title in the episode ("Cosmic EncounterS") :-)

As for the new Fantasy Flight version, I think it is definitely the BEST edition to date! Components are fantastic, rules have been competently cleared up and it all looks terrific! Worst edition was that 4-payer, plastic-heavy AH abomination!!! Blech...

One funny aside (since it was mentioned in this episode)... I sold off my copy of 'Hunter Planet' today!!! :-)