Monday, January 07, 2013

AGC 171 January 7th 2012 (Looking Back, Looking Forward) (1:10:35)

With Mark, Carol, and Mags. Happy New Year, in spite of the Mayans! The Buffet's Card/Board Game Night. Carol's ending Dresden, she swears. Mark contemplates starting some Doctor Who gaming. Looking back at 2012. Hobby gaming continued to grow financially. The game stores that thrive provide a place to socialize--Kentuckiana's local stores do! The (arguably) Golden Age of Kickstarter - variety, creativity, and impact for a long time to come. Wil Wheaton's Tabletop show (Geek and Sundry). The lack of PDFs for major game lines: D&D, Star Wars, The One Ring - the Crew hopes that certain publishers are just looking for the right digital solution. Print-On-Demand support. Gygax Magazine and continued interest in the retro-clone RPGs. James Raggi and the LotFP publishing empire! The Crew contemplates playing some old-school games. D&D Next still generating lots of excitement, while the Pathfinder Juggernaut rolls on. The RPG Buffet's Second Helping of Pathfinder, and Mags's Beginner Box is dusted off. A long, rambling discussion of the overt sexism in the hobby this year: James Desborough and rape, sexism in other parts of geek culture, cosplay harassment, "fake" geek girls, "chicks can't play Magic" (and Carol kicks butt), Mags puts a costume together for Mark, cleavage shots, groping at Gen Con and Conglomeration, a call to the listeners to step up, and a threat from Mark. Rape threats and the anonymity of the Internet. Touching on the Geek Social Fallacies, and how predators exploit them. If you're at a con and see harassment, go get the big guns. Carol's own incident. Respect your players--don't introduce dark plot elements unless the whole group agrees. Palate cleansing--what are we looking forward to in 2013? Carol: running a Changeling: the Dreaming Seven-Years-of-House-Rules LARP for the Buffet, and clings to hopes for a C:tD 20th Anniversary edition (Kickstarter, hear her prayer), FATE Core and Shadow of the Century, Gen Con 2013. Mags: MAGE MAGE MAGE! FATE Core and it going OGL, The Buffet's Year of World of Darkness, perhaps a trip to Origins, 13th Age, Night's Black Agents, Exalted 3e. Topics left? We can start over! Mark: FATE Core, Ogre 6th ed. (Mags wants to witness the arrival of the pallet), Gen Con and perhaps the Gutterskypes getting together, possible LotFP and retro-clone projects. Email Mags at the main AGC address (much to Mark's surprise), Carol is over email
so hit her up on Twitter or Facebook. Carol continues to edit projects, Mark and Mags prepare to nitpick. Feedback: a listener's experience with Transhuman Space. WE HAVE PRIZES! Mark contemplates a Monty Haul-style quiz show, and dodges NPR assassins. Happy New Year, y'all!

NOTE: At 34:10, Mags misspoke and said that James Desborough called Sarah Darkmagic am "odious little toad" alleged that he threatened her and her husband. This was incorrect, as she was confused about the people involved. The alleged threats were made by Garth Michael-Skarka (link). We apologize to Mr. Desborough for the error.

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James Desborough and rape: Interview with Desborough here, summary here (RPG.Net).
Matthew Sprange's conversation with the person that posted the petition here
Cosplay harrassment at New York ComicCon
Rebecca Watson's Skeptic Elevator Incident
Anita Sarkeesian harassment
Summation of sexist incident at ReaderCon, the Amazing Meeting, and DefCon
"Fake geek girls"
Sexual assault statistics for American women (
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Overcoming the Bystander Effect (Psychology Today)
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Carol's Pick: Project Ninja Panda Taco (Jennisodes)
Mags's Pick: Seven Leagues Roleplaying game of Faerie (Malcontent Games)

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