Thursday, January 03, 2013

AGC 169 January 3rd 2013 (Kicking the Starter) (1:22:50)

With Mark Kinney, Carol, and Mags. Sandy (wow, this is late...). Disney buys Lucasfilm! What we're doing! Leopard Women, an attempt at Mistborn, and more Dresden! Plot variations! DriveThruRPG picks! Kickstarters we've supported. Mark the RPG Hoarder. Kickstarter is not a store! Powerchords, aka our main target tonight. A little glance at what makes a good campaign. Known names, a ready product, stretch goals, target dates. Last things, like Mark watching Cadfael and Elementary. Eureka. Warehouse 13. Revenge. Supernatural. The League. Enterprise. RPG Buffet's Year of World of Darkness!

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Show links
when A Kickstarter Fails, Does Anyone Get Their Money Back (NPR)
Accountability on Kickstarter (Kickstarter)
Kickstarter: Once Bitten, Twice Shy ( Forum)
What's Your Kickstarter Batting Average? ( Forum)
Powerchords (Kickstarter)

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AGC's DriveThruRPG Picks for this episode!
Mark:Apocalypse Prevention Inc Savage Worlds Edition (Third Eye Games)
Carol:Cartoon Action Hour Season 2 Halloween Special (Spectrum Games)
Mags:Time Bomb (Adamant Entertainment)


clackey said...

George Lucas didn't direct Willow. RON HOWARD directed Willow. Lucas was a producer.

Unknown said...

You're right! My mistake.

Unknown said...

You're right! My mistake.