Saturday, February 15, 2014

AGC News February 15th 2014 (37:56)

With Mark, Carol, Mags, and Special Guest Husband Steve. Wizards response to counterfeiters. GenCon/Mayfair continued co-sponsorship, and the 2014 Charity Partner. New ENnies categories for organized play adventures! Big money in Kickstarters. Lion Rampant's games from Zoch Verlag. Loonacy. Hot Tin Roof. The Furture Card Buddyfight launch event. Firelands for Talisman. Relic: Nemesis. Naruto Shippenden deck building game. Chaosmos. Pagoda and Istanbul (Not Constantinople! -- Sorry) and Valley of the Kings. Akrotiri. Rogue Agent and Voluspa. 40 Years of D&D! Ice-T reading a D&D audiobook? Star Wars: Age of Rebellion. Rolemaster Combat Minion! Orange County Gaming Group and their Kickstarter. Robotech RPG Tactics delayed. Wizkids doing D&D Miniatures! An assist for Torn Armor! D&D Yoga. Jeopardy Game Theory. A Gaming Bar in Toronto.

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Show links
Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana
ENnie Awards
ICO Partners 2013 Kickstarter Analysis
Official Dungeons and Dragons Facebook Page
Dave Ewalt's Intro to Dungeons and Dragons for New York Magazine
Ethan Gilsdorf's All I Needed to Know About Life I Learned From Dungeons and Dragons
Jon Petersen's video of rare items from D&D's development
Ice-T Baffled By D&D Lingo
Rolemaster Combat Minon App
Role players embark on real-life business venture (Orange County Register)
Center Stage Minatures' promotion for Torn Armor
Lesser Gnomes Games' Torn World Promotion - Use the code BIGMAP in their online store for discounts!
D&D Yoga
Business Insider's story on Jeopardy Champion Arthur Chu
Snakes and Lagers

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