Thursday, December 10, 2015

AGC News December 11th 2015 (27:24)

With Mark, Carol, and Mags. Gail Gygax and TSR settle their trademark dispute, with some difficulties (Full Disclosure: The AGC crew was invited to take part in Cube of Death, a production of TSR). 2015 Games Magazine Awards. Wizard World goes into gaming! Secret Hitler. Study in Emerald 2nd Edition. An Einstein game is coming. Steve Jackson gets Simon's Cat and Bill and Ted. RuneQuest! 2015 RPG Superstar! Virtual Reality D&D? Airfix Battles. 1A relinquishes Tide of Iron rights. Escape from Colditz 75th Anniversary! Resume mistakes?

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Show links
United States Trademark and Patent Office
Tenkar's Tavern
Games World of Puzzles
AltspaceVR D&D Page
Sean McNally's Character Sheet Resume (DeviantArt)
MrDeepImmersion's Artifact Resume (Imgur)

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