Tuesday, February 14, 2017

AGC 205 February 14th 2016 (A Titan of Time Machines) (1:26:56)

With Mark Kinney, Carol, and Chris Mais of Kicked in the Dicebags. About KitDB. What we're up to, Minotaurs of the Stonelands, and DriveThruRPG picks. Getting back into gaming after a long absence, rich settings and impostor syndrome. When Gonzo Goes Wrong, and taking it slow. Kickstarter Corner. Boris Vallejo and Hyborian Gates.

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Show links
Kicked in the Dicebags
Minotaurs of the Stonelands
Cold Shadows (Nocturnal Media/Kickstarter)
Wearing The Cape (Kickstarter)
Hyborian Gates (BoardGameGeek)

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AGC's DriveThruRPG Picks for this episode!
Mark: Prime Directive PD20 (Amarillo Design Bureau)
Carol:Hero High (Green Ronin Publishing)
Chris:Blades in the Dark (One Seven)
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