Tuesday, February 28, 2017

AGC 206 February 28th 2017 (On A Movie Kick) (56:27)

With Mark Kinney and Carol. Mark's Skype issues. Loren Wiseman. Jeremy Tangman's GoFundMe. ConGlomeration! Kickstarer Corner! A Movie Buff review! More CW DC talk. ConGlom again. Segment ideas.

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Show links
Jeremy Tangman's GoFundMe
LexOccultum (Kickstarter)
The Watch (Kickstarter)
Graveyard of Heroes (Kickstarter)
Book of Metal (Kickstarter)
Movie Buff (Justin Purvis Rules/Golden Games)
The Dollop
My Favorite Murder

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Mark: Strange Stars (Hydro Collective)
Also:Strange Stars OSR (Hydro Collective)
Also:Strange Stars Fate (Hydro Collective)
Carol:SAVE The Eterna Society (Growling Door Games)
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