Tuesday, August 11, 2009

AGCExtra 30 August 11th 2009 (News and Louisville Game Shop Interview) (27:37)

The regular news: Followup on the Decipher embezzlement, Mind Storm Labs' GenCon contest, the Diana Jones Award shortlist, RPG Geek, Pathfinder sells out, and Crafy Games Looking Glass Wars. Also, Mags interviews Colin, the owner and proprietor of the Louisville Game Shop.

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Show links
Decipher Embezzlement Info Site
Prior Decipher Coverage
ThinkLynsen Blog (carried interview with court clerk)
QKTR Television Interviews
Background Information
Mind Storm Labs (Alpha Omega)
Diana Jones Award
RPG Geek
Pathfinder Sold Out (Paizo)
Crafty Games to Publish Looking Glass Wars RPG (Crafty Games)
Louisville Game Shop

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Ogma said...

For another Wonderland RPG, check out "Wonderland No More" currently in the hands of Triple Ace Games (Savage Worlds edition):