Monday, August 31, 2009

AGCExtra 31 September 1st 2009 (Talismania Revised Part 1) (28:07)

With Chris Heim and Logan Masterson. A look at Talisman over the years, and the upcoming Frostmarch expansion.

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Tyler said...

Is this a return to the AGC fold as a regular correspondent for Chris? He and Logan make a good duo.

Mark Kinney said...

At least for the extent of Talismania, where they will go through each of the expansions.

He still wants to do Gaming For Cheap Bastards, too, but we'll see how time works out for that.

AGC Chris said...

Yeah... what Mark said. :P I'm hoping my entries will become more regular as time goes on. Talismania is basically the kick in the butt I've been looking for to get back into things.

Logan said...

I'm glad you think so, Tyler! And thanks to all parties for welcoming me to AGC!

AGC Chris said...

If you want to see pics from an all day Talisman 4E.rev marathon, Logan's had shutterbug fever and posted them here. The next Talismania Revised (covering The Reaper expansion) will be coming soon. :D