Tuesday, June 08, 2010

AGC 131 June 8th 2010 (HyperiCon and Free RPG Day) (35:12)

With Mark Kinney and Chris Heim. Ventures at HyperiCon! Chris played Savage Worlds, was only there for Saturday, and Tabletop Armory is cool. The UStream show, and thanks to the Fringeworthy podcast for promoting it! The return of Gaming For Cheap Bastards, as Chris talks about Free RPG Day and the products on offer. Mark brings up a couple of other free things (including Talislanta and Septimus). A little last minute musing on Mark's HyperiCon panels. Future convention talk. Sean Patrick Fannon to be gaming guest at Con on the Cob! Some talk about cons and events we're not going to.

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Show links
Tabletop Armory
Fringeworthy Podcast
Free RPG Day (June 19th 2010)
Free RPG Day on Facebook
Harn (Wikipedia)
Septimus (RPGNow)
Geek Media Expo
Con on the Cob
Play On Con
Con Nooga

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