Saturday, June 19, 2010

AGC Feedback June 19th 2010 (28:50)

Recorded June 15th, 2010, with Mark, Carol, and Mags. The Quilt City OGREs chime in about QAGS Super Zeroes. A letter from Ireland. The forum question. Fringeworthy notes. Randomness in gaming. More Doctor Who talk. Talismania Revised! Masterplan! The usefulness of the Dresden Files RPG to model other urban fantasy settings. Dungeons and Dragons versions. Microlite20. Modular game screens and one-sheet notes.

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ianengle said...

I haven't had a change to play Super Zeroes yet, but I did get into a QAGS game years ago at Archon that was called "Superhero Support Group"--a sad and hilarious group of not-so-super-heroes sitting around in group working through their issues.

Then there was Post Apocalyptic Superhero Western Action Theater, in which you weren't "important" enough to take along when the Super League attacked Dr. Apocalypse and his Doomsday Device. They failed and left you all behind to face a devastated world full of people who no longer love superheroes.

Yeah, this genre is always a hoot.