Wednesday, June 30, 2010

AGC News July 1st 2010 (29:26)

With Mark and Mags. Outlaw Press off Amazon. Catalyst gets an extension. Sandstorm Productions rises. Origins 2010 winners (and our mostly missed calls). A little discussion of the Origins Awards process. Dixit takes Spiel de Jahres! DOJ Inc. acqures majority holding in Indie Press Revolution! The return of Villains and Vigilantes! Silver Line Edition of Lord of the Rings? A new release of Ticket To Ride: Nordic Countries! Judge Dredd Minis Game playtest (and a free Traveller campaign)! Pete's Box -- A gaming end table? Tons of board game adaptations coming to the iPhone/iPad! Trask's GenCon Dealer's Directory. Z-Man Games celebrating ten years! We have new forums!

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Sandstorm Productions
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Monkey House Games (Villains and Vigilantes)
Villains and Vigilantes (RPGNow)
Killer Party (Cocktail Games)
Lord of the Rings (Fantasy Flight Games)
Ticket To Ride Nordic coming back (Days of Wonder)
Judge Dredd Minatures Game Playtest (Mongoose Publishing)
Secrets of the Ancients (Mongoose Publishing)
Pete's Box (Prevideo Productions)
LivingDice GenCon Exhibiton Listing (LivingDice)
Z-Man Games
Gamer's Haven Podcast
Gamer's Haven/AGC Forum

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