Tuesday, July 28, 2009

AGC 108 July 28 2009 (Props, Soundtracks, and Personal Effects) (1:28:23)

With Mark Kinney, Carol, and Mags. Allergy issues! The ENnie nomination (Go vote!) and Mark's thought of a YouTube promo. Interview with J.C. Hutchins about Personal Effects: Dark Art and it's associated transmedia experience (with a "This Is Your Life" moment for good measure). Props in your game. What is a "prop?" Serendipity in prop-making. When props go bad. Cartier to Conan. Pictures and music. Campaign credits. Playing with the phone. The CONET Project. Mark's reason for not working on Arcadian Gate right now: participating in Tales of the Children. Feedback! VOTE!

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Show links
J.C. Hutchins (Personal Effects: Dark Art and 7th Son)
Homemade Cthulhu items
Free-to-download prop documents from the HP Lovecraft Historical Society
Free "Horror" Fonts
Make Your Own Fonts (Lifehacker)
Newspaper Clipping Generator
Airplane Ticket Generator
Fake Magazine Cover Generator
Old Photo Generator
Generator Blog
Authentic Magical Tomes
Midnight Syndicate
RPGNow Music Search
Overclocked Remix
CONET Project (Wikipedia)
Free Sound Project
Sound Jay
A1 Sound Effects
Free Sound Files
My Sound F/X Zombie section
And their scary/creepy section
Interview with Real Life Mystics
That Helicopter Mark Was Talking About (Wikipedia)

This Just In From GenCon!
Accent Your Character (Pulp Gamer)
Canon Puncture
Personal Effects: Sword of Blood
Geek Acres
Tales of the Children

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