Thursday, July 16, 2009

AGC News July 16th 2009 (ENnies Special) (42:10)

With Mark and Mags. Our nomination for the ENnie awards, and our fellow nominees! Signal Fire Studios and Metamorphsis Alpha. Vox. Warhammer: Invasion LCG. Revolution! Our ENnies picks, such as we can make them. Nominations still open for Publisher of the Year until July 19th, and voting begins on July 24th!

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Signal Fire Studios (Metamorphosis Alpha)
Vox (Aethereal Forge)
Warhammer: Invasion (Fantasy Flight Games)
Revolution (Steve Jackson Games)
The ENnie Awards

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1 comment:

aeonite said...

Hey thanks for talking Vox up. To address two specific things:

1) You are correct that the Voices are not necessarily antagonistic, and in fact the default assumption is that they are helpful (though they might not appear to be). After all, they're in your head; they have a vested interest in your survival!

2) Jerry and I will not be at GenCon this year, alas. We attended Origins instead and we can only afford one big one each year.