Thursday, July 23, 2009

AGC News July 23rd 2009 (9:38)

With Mark, Carol, and Mags. Crafty Games helping get gamers together. Timestreams launch kits for retailers. The Ultimate GMs Screen II! Herolab support for Cortex System! Martin Ralya at Gnome Stew gets a preview of Geist: The Sin-Eaters! Games Unconference at NeonCon, with Eric Mona giving the Keynote Address. Also find the Camarilla's Southwest Region Featured Game there!

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Show links
Crafty Games (Spycraft 2.0)
Pen and Paper Games
Obsidian Portal
Lonely Gamer Network
Timestreams (Bucephalus Games)
Timestreams Retailer Pack Information (Bucephalus Games)
Ultimate GMs Screen II (Fat Dragon Games)
Herolab (Lone Wolf Development)

Geist: The Sin-Eaters Preview: Running Geist (Which Is Not Wraith) (Gnome Stew)

NeonCon Games Unconference
NeonCon Camarilla Activities

Contact Us! (Ben Balestra) (Carol) (Mags)

1 comment:

Martin Ralya said...

Thanks for the Geist mention -- I had a lot of fun reading it, and just as much fun writing about it.

And congratulations on your well-deserved ENnie nomination!