Tuesday, May 11, 2010

AGC 129 May 11th 2010 (There's An App For That) (59:44)

With Mark Kinney, Carol and Mags. Best wishes for our listeners affected by the floods a few weeks ago. Website revamp. EBook special delayed due to upcoming Kindle updates. P.G. Holyfield's Murder at Avedon Hill coming out this month. Live show coming! A shout out to Order 66! Tonight's topic: electronic gaming aids. PDFs: the good and the bad! And not just documents! Minis, terrain, and floorplans! Planners and character sheets. Applications, both web and portable. iPlay4E. Masterplan. PCGen. InitTracker. Avandra. A few Android apps. The philosophical implications of zero-sided dice. Soundboards. A couple of legacy apps for the Palm: D&D Helper and DicePro! More to come in other episodes! Fan-made versus official.

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Show links
2010 RPG Podcast Listener Survey
P.G. Holyfield (Murder at Avedon Hill)
Order 66 (d20 Radio)
All Games Considered Ustream Page
Microtactix (Budget Battlefields and 21st Century Heroes)
Modern Floorplans Volume 1: Office Spaces (Fabled Environments on RPGNow)
Modern Floorplans: Adnap Memorial Gardens (Fabled Environments on RPGNow)
Ronin Arts (Campaign Planners)
Mr. Gone's Character Sheets
InitTracker Initiative Tracker
Google Gears (for InitTracker)
Avandra Dice Manager (Greglabs)
D&D Helper
DicePro (Rival Game Labs)

Zero Fortitude
Safe Haven Podcast

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