Thursday, May 20, 2010

AGC News May 20th 2010 (25:41)

With Mark, Carol, and Mags. Live for Five, complete with Chat Room input! Catalyst Corrections. Mutants and Masterminds Third Edition! Hellas: Princes of the Universe ransom. Talislanta going up for free! GUMSHOE supplement licensing. Looney Labs goes Back To The Future! Two stores worth of Munchkin revisions and reprints! Reserve a pre-release Pirate Versus Pirate! Privateer Press brings Voltron to the table! First ever North American LARP summit at WyrdCon! Mensa Mind Game Awards. Games Workshop strikes again! GOLD: Night of the Zombie King!

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Show links
Catalyst Update from April 21st
Mutants and Masterminds (Green Ronin)
Hellas: Princes of the Universe (Kickstarter)
GUMSHOE Supplement Licensing (Pelgrane Press)
Looney Labs Back To The Future Announcement
Space Hulk: Death Angel (Fantasy Flight Games)
Munchkin (Steve Jackson Games)
Revolution! The Palace (Steve Jackson Games)
Out of the Box Publishing (Pirate Versus Pirate)
Privateer Press Voltron: Defender of the Universe announcement
Monsterpocalypse (Privateer Press)
WyrdCon/North American LARP Summit
Mensa Mind Games
Games Workshop
GOLD: The Series Announcement: Night of the Zombie King

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