Tuesday, May 25, 2010

AGC 130 May 25th 2010 (Live For Five!) (1:18:51)

With Mark Kinney, Carol and Mags. Five years, not five episodes. Technical difficulties with UStream, or the local router, or something. A lot of Dresen Files is going down. Shopping. HyperiCon! Obituaries for Frank Franzetta and J. Eric Holmes (and Ronnie James Dio). Thanks for helping spread the word (and the Fringeworthy podcast, although unmentioned in the show, helped as well). Reviews: Mark talks about d20 Fringeworthy, and Carol looks at the Goodman Games Dragonborn book. As we move to the less structured part of the episode, Mags confuses Gordon Litefoot and George Thorogood. How AGC got started. LARP stuff. Changes in the industry through the years. AGC highlights (and lowlights) from Big Damn Review Shows to Shaken Not Stirred. Why Mags The Axe? An upcoming All Flesh Must Be Eaten game. Feedback! Giving away an autographed champaign cork to a lucky chatroom inhabitant for no reaily apparent reason. Live again for New Years? The longest "blooper reel" EVAR!

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Andrew Judge said...

Good show. Congrats on the five year anniversary!