Tuesday, July 06, 2010

AGC 133 July 6th 2010 (You Killed My Father, Prepare To Die) (42:41)

With Mark Kinney and Mags. Carol is not present due to being married and stuff. Mark's going to a pirate party on the roof of a local museum (as well as evidently being newly single or something). Mulling on using the Power Of The Show for personal gain. Mark then grouses about the US' World Cup loss (trust us, we get to gaming soon...). The return of the forums (thanks to the Gamer's Haven Podcast)! Thanks for donations! Outlaw Press off Amazon. Convention talk (including the return next year of our local con)! Swashbuckling! What is swashbuckling? Swashbuckling vs "cinematic." Mechanics versus tropes. Crossing genres.

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Ogma said...

Couple other interesting games of note:

'Lace & Steel' RPG published by The Australian Games Group (uses a special deck of cards for swordplay combat).

'Swashbuckler' boardgame published by Yaquinto back in 1980.

Todd Zircher said...

Wushu Open would be perfect for swashbuckling adventure. It doesn't hurt that it's free as well.