Monday, July 19, 2010

AGC Feedback July 17th 2010 (29:43)

Recorded July 13th, 2010, with Mark and Mags. Carol is still absent. Going back to some RPG Buffet cooking tips, Dresden, Ragnarok, and e-readers! Aluminium? Wushu Open for Swashbuckling? The badness of pirates, and reversals on the Empire. Racism (and notable lack thereof) in the pulps, and otherwise. PulpFest! More (Hollywood) Arabian options for swashbuckling! More QAGS supers (and other) discussion. Matt from Asshat Paladins gives us a list of more Swashbuckling games.

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Show links
PanDigital Novel
Wushu Open
The Case For The Empire (Weekly Standard)
A Different Point of View (Podiobooks)
Hex Games (QAGS, Qerth, Adventures of Sindbad, Spooky)
Asshat Paladins Blog
GURPS Scarlet Pimpernel (Steve Jackson Games)
GURPS Robin Hood (Steve Jackson Games)
Lace and Steel (GeekDo)
Swashbuckler (Jolly Roger Games)
Swashbuckler (Yaquinto/GeekDo)
SKull and Bones (Green Ronin)
Bloode Island XPG (Deep7)
Privateers and Gentlemen (Fantasy Games Unlimited)
Skull and Crossbones (FGU/GeekDo)
Run Out The Guns (ICE Webring)
Omnihedron Games (Beat To Quarters, Duty and Honor)
Poison'd (Lumpley Games)
Leverage (Margaret Weis Productions)

Zero Fortitude


Matt said...

I'm not surprised you didn't find Swashbucklers of Mars. I found it on a search on for "swashbuckler" (

Anonymous said...

A print copy of Nightmares of Mine is still available from ICE's website: