Monday, July 26, 2010

AGCExtra 38 July 26th 2010 (Random Thoughts On Gaming With Ben) (8:13)

With Ben Balestra. Ben comments on the Outlaw Press and Palladium/Trion situations.

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seth blevins said...

I really do not think he understands what intellectual property rights actually are.

If you change it in any way, it is something entirely new!(period)

I mean, hell, look at the Harry Potter books, that lawsuit is going no where for a reason.

karl said...

Its really not that far fetched to believe that someone in this day and age doesn't know about intellectual property rights and such.

I work for a nameless ad agency that handles huge million dollar accounts. We got sued by a once huge action movie star that is now a governor ;) years ago ('03 or '04 I think) for using his likeness and his name saying something about Terminating such and such.

Now I didn't work on the piece but saw it around the office like many other coworkers and was like, yeah thats a lawsuit waiting to happen. And sure enough it did.

My point is it happens. It happens in huge companies and small ones. I'm sure the bosses at my company knew exactly what they were doing, I have no doubt about that. Either they thought they would get away with it or whatever, I'm pretty sure they knew.

With that said, I am a believer of innocent until proven guilty. I only know a bit of what is going on with Outlaw Press (mostly what I hear on AGC's News) and I hope they REALLY didn't know what they were doing or made a HUGE mistake or was duped or something.