Friday, July 09, 2010

All Games Considered Nominated for 2010 Best Podcast ENnie!

We here at AGC are proud to announce we are once again nominated for the prestigious ENnie Award for Best Podcast this year! Sadly, not all of us will be there for the presentation, but we look forward to it once again this year (and Mark might actually be prepared to make a speech if he needs to...).

Our fellow nominees (whom we heartily encourage folks to go check out) are:
Atomic Array MiniCast
Open Design
Power Source
And a hearty congratulations to the Honorable Mention as well, our friends over at the Gamer's Haven Podcast!

Congratulations everyone, and I particularly hope to see everyone at GenCon this year!


Anonymous said...

Actually, I am going to try and see if I can make it this year now.


Quilt City O.G.R.E.s said...

Congratulations guys! Well deserved.

AGC Mags said...

Thanks to everyone for their congratulations!

Rick said...