Saturday, March 13, 2010

AGC Feedback March 13 2010 (21:41)

Recorded March 9th, 2010, with Mark and Mags. A quick programming note. Starting with voicemails today. More Zune info, and large game discussion. An AGC LARP episode? Jungle Speed. More apparent AGC matchups, and KantCon. The story behind "Not A Deathtrap." Reminiscing about Shadis. Buttonmen and Frag! Feedback on the Red Box. A cooking tip for the Buffet.

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Show links
Bang! (daVinci Games)
Memoir '44 (Days of Wonder)
BattleLore (Fantasy Flight Games)
Ten Buck Review
Jungle Speed English Site (Asmodee Editions)
Red November (Fantasy Flight Games)
Orgsnization of Gamers and Roleplaying Enthusiasts)
Frag (Steve Jackson Games)
RPG Buffet: A Year of Dungeons and Dragons

Zero Fortitude


Avron said...

A quick note..
While Red November does handle 8 players (and probably does it well enough, I've only played with 5) there is an issue with the size of the board and other components.
Anyone with fat fingers or not wanting to spend a lot of time particularly close to others will probably have a hard time of the game.

Quilt City O.G.R.E.s said...

Did we hear GET US DRUNK!!!!!!!!!!