Tuesday, March 02, 2010

AGC Feedback March 3 2010 (24:40)

Recorded February 23rd, 2010, with Mark, Carol and Mags. "Not A Deathtrap." Shave a Sheep for Mags. The eReader question. Feedback from a Gutter Skype (on QAGS). Answers from Hex Games. More on NPCs. Mulling about gaming for large groups (not sure how helpfully, at least at this point, but we'll come back to it...)

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Tyler said...

Cheapass may not be publishing Button Men anymore, but they're certainly still out there on the market, particularly on eBay for cheap.

Frag is a board game that doubles up easily enough. Players beyond six will need to rustle up their own pawns if playing with the new Gold edition, or they can use the cardboard standees from the original version -- or any figure that fits in an inch and a bit square. The lag between turns could be problematic, if people let analysis paralysis set in, so it's important to remind everyone Frag is a roll 'n shout game.

Quilt City O.G.R.E.s said...

Thanks for the love guys. We're Ogres, not Gamers, but we understand how that happened. We're a chapter of OGREs actually, which stands for the Organization of Gamers & Roleplaying Enthusiasts. You can learn more about OGREs at

Anyways. Cheap plugs aside, we've been listening for a few months since Steve (aka Kingyak) of Hex Games turned us on, and we can't believe you said our name!!!! Thanks.

Quilt City O.G.R.E.s said...

Oh, secondary comment. Yes, the Annual Quilt Show is, well, Annual. Two of our Ogres (well, Ogrettes or Ogress - wives) are quilters themselves.

It is common of OGRE chapters to utilize the nickname of their location (hence our Louisville chapter is Derby City Ogres, our Carbondale SIU chapter is Saluki City Ogres, etc. etc.)

So, yes, quilting and gaming. Two unknown yet related loves.

Mark Kinney said...

There's a Louisville chapter? How have I been here for 15 years and missed this....?

Quilt City O.G.R.E.s said...

It is still new and beginning to slowly be marketed out to the public. Charles Ringstaff, a student at UofL, is the Chapter Coordinator. I can get him to send a note your way if you'd like. He is always looking to expand his and anyone else's network of gaming groups.